Emergency Logistics in South America

Emergency Logistics in South America
With the time:matters airmates On Board Courier service, you can have your extremely urgent shipments transported to South America by hand-carry in just a short space of time. Our digital OBC platform allows you to receive a tailored air courier offer in less than a minute with just a few clicks. The option to book online saves valuable time. Immediately upon receiving the order confirmation, we send out one of our On Board Couriers to pick up the extremely urgent shipment from you and transport it to its destination as quickly as possible.

Our On Board Couriers accompany your shipment as a passenger on board the next available flight to many cities in South America like Buenos Aires (EZE), Bogotá (BOG), Lima (LIM), Caracas (CCS) or Santiago de Chile (SCL).

From Germany to São Paulo

A German consulting firm is engaged in a lively exchange with industry colleagues in São Paulo. It would be highly advantageous for the company to enter into cooperation with partners in Brazil’s major metropolitan hub. After the negotiations end in success, all that is needed is for the contracts to be signed by hand, but the German consultants are unable to personally bring the confidential documents to Brazil because of scheduling conflicts.
However, as other companies are vying for the potential partner’s favor, time is of the essence. The solution: Secure document shipping from airmates! After sending a request through our online platform, the consultants receive a tailored air courier quote in less than a minute and book it directly in just a few clicks. Within an hour, the confidential documents have been picked up from the company in Frankfurt and are making their way directly to the airport (FRA) with an emergency courier. After just 14 hours, the urgent documents arrive at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and no valuable time is lost because the extremely urgent transport has been carried by hand. In different circumstances, the deal would likely have gone south, but our courier personally accompanies the contracts and brings them to the company’s new business partners. Thanks to time:matters airmates, the contract signing goes through without a hitch.

OBC Service to South America

Our fast, secure courier service quickly delivers your extremely urgent shipments to numerous destinations in South America:
  • On Board Courier Argentina to USA from 12 hours
  • On Board Courier Brazil to Germany from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Chile from 13 hours
  • On Board Courier Germany to Colombia from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier Peru to Germany from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier Venezuela to USA from 7 hours
… and many more of course! Benefit from our global network and our expertise and request your customized quote now!