On Board Courier service to North America

On Board Courier service to North America
With time:matters airmates, we can provide you with the fastest possible transport solutions for your extremely urgent shipments to the US, Canada and Mexico in a matter of hours. Our On Board Couriers pick up your express shipments from you directly and personally transport them to various destinations in North America:

  • On Board Courier Atlanta (ATL) to Mexico City (MEX) from 7 hours
  • On Board Courier Chicago (ORD) to Toronto (YYZ) from 5 hours
  • On Board Courier Los Angeles (LAX) to Hongkong (HKG) from 18.5 hours
  • On Board Courier Budapest (BUD) to Guadalajara (GDL) from 19.5 hours

Next Stop: Big Apple

Many people are familiar with the usual process for taking a flight: Arrive at the airport 2 hours before check-in, then go through security and find your way to the right gate. This often results in long wait times and you may be asking how airmates can deliver so quickly in the face of all these obstacles – especially the strict immigration controls in the US. Many of our priority couriers are not only multilingual and hold valid visas, but also qualify for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) pre-check and Global Entry programs. Successful applicants for these programs benefit from faster entry into the US, allowing our same day couriers to provide the best possible delivery times for your extremely urgent shipments.

Hand Carry Quote Now Available Digitally

In an emergency every second counts, which is why we don’t waste time with long waits. Our digital OBC platform allows you to receive a tailored air courier offer in less than a minute, and you can then book directly. We then organize all the necessary steps, from selecting the right courier to customs clearance for your urgent transport. Our On Board Couriers pick up your shipment from you directly, personally accompany it on board an aircraft to the destination and deliver it to the agreed location. This allows us to guarantee maximum speed and security for your extremely urgent shipment.