USA to New Zealand by OBC in Just 16 Hours

USA to New Zealand by OBC in Just 16 Hours
With our airmates On Board Courier service, you’ll benefit from the fastest, most secure and most reliable transport of your extremely urgent shipments. Carefully selected, specially trained couriers pick up your time critical freight from you directly and personally escort it to your desired destination. Transporting your items as carry-on luggage allows our air couriers to guarantee safe delivery to the local contact person you designate in just a short period of time.

In less than a minute, you receive an individual quote that can be booked online to ship your extremely urgent transport. From prompt pick-up and accompanied transport to the fastest possible delivery of your shipment at its destination, we are prepared for any eventuality and make sure to meet all your requirements.

Logistical Emergency in Auckland

An office complex is being built near Auckland. Time is pressing – the construction company has promised its client in its contract that the project will be finished within a tight deadline. But a huge shock comes shortly before construction is set to begin: One of the diggers to be used to dig the ditch for the foundation is broken and cannot be used as planned. A spare part is needed from the U.S. to fix it, but what is the best way to transport it around the globe as quickly as possible?

airmates has the solution: With just a few clicks on our OBC platform, the contractor provides us with the key details of his urgent transport, receiving a customized On Board Courier offer back in less than a minute. The uncomplicated online booking process means no time is lost, and one of our 10,000 urgent couriers picks up the missing spare part directly from the manufacturer in America. The courier then makes his way directly to the airport and takes the next available flight to Auckland (AKL). Transporting the part as carry-on luggage means the courier is able to go directly to the construction site once the plane lands since he doesn’t have to wait for the checked baggage to be unloaded. The eagerly awaited machine part is immediately installed on site. The contractor is relieved. He can now meet his target for finishing the office complex on time.

Global, Reliable, Fast – airmates

Our more than 10,000 urgent couriers are carefully trained and bring your extremely urgent shipments to many locations in New Zealand as quickly as possible, including:
  • Auckland (AKL)
  • Christchurch (CHC)
  • Napier (NPE)
  • Wellington (WLG)
  • Hamilton (HLZ)
  • Queenstown (ZQN)
  • Nelson (NSN)
  • Dunedin (DUD)
We take care of all the organizational steps to transport, including choosing the right air courier and taking care of customs. Equipped with all the necessary travel permits and sound language skills, our On Board Couriers guarantee a smooth transport process.

We are happy to provide you with an individual quote for your urgent shipment in less than a minute!