USA to the Middle East from Just 13 Hours

USA to the Middle East from Just 13 Hours
With the On Board Courier service from time:matters airmates, we transport your extremely urgent shipments to many countries and cities in the Middle East in just a few hours. Our couriers are selected and trained using stringent procedures in advance. Our urgent couriers always hold the necessary entry permits and sound language skills to ensure the fastest possible shipping times. In addition, they have years of travel experience behind them, so are familiar with many foreign countries and infrastructure systems. This allows them to always act independently and reliably.

Our On Board Couriers accompany your shipment as a passenger on board the next available flight to many destinations in the Middle East like Istanbul (IST), Dubai (DXB), Doha (DOH), Tel Aviv (TLV) and many more.

To Istanbul by OBC in a Matter of Hours

A high-ranking politician is in the major Turkish city of Istanbul as part of an official visit to discuss important matters with his Turkish counterpart. During his stay, he suddenly finds himself in discomfort, which is ultimately due to the chronic illness he is suffering from. Because his visit was only meant to last for two days, the politician didn’t bring a large supply of his medicine. However when he starts feeling increasingly worse, he has to be taken to the nearest hospital. The doctors there are unable to provide him with the special combination of medication he usually takes. He now needs to get the medicine from Germany as quickly as possible. The acute nature of this emergency means quick action is needed: The patient’s wife is informed and she books urgent transport with an On Board Courier in just a few clicks.
The technically advanced OBC platform from airmates means she is able to receive a tailored offer in less than a minute, which she can then confirm right away. A specially trained courier escorts the important medication to the Turkish metropolis (IST) on the next available flight. Because losing the medicine in transit would be disastrous for the politician’s health, the urgent courier hand carries the shipment and never lets it out of his sight throughout the entire trip. After a three-hour flight, the courier takes the fastest route to the hospital, delivering the well-secured medication that survived the flight unscathed to the doctors. Within just 13 hours, the patient receives his medication on time and is able to return to Germany a few days later.

Speed, Flexibility, Reliability

A smooth transport process is indispensable when it comes to particularly sensitive shipments. That’s why our careful planning takes special needs like seamless cold chain planning into account, customs upon arrival and back-up solutions should unexpected challenges arise. This allows us to reach many destinations in the Middle East in just a short space of time:
  • On Board Courier USA to Turkey from 13 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to the United Arab Emirates from 16 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Qatar from 16 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Israel from 14 hours
...and many more. In less than a minute, you receive a quote that can be booked online to ship your extremely urgent transport.