Emergency Logistics in Asia

Emergency Logistics in Asia
With the time:matters airmates On Board Courier service, you can have your extremely urgent shipments transported to Asia by hand-carry in just a short space of time. Our digital OBC platform allows you to receive a tailored flight courier offer in less than a minute with just a few clicks. The option to book online saves valuable time: Immediately upon receiving the order confirmation, we send out one of our On Board Couriers to pick up the extremely urgent shipment from you and transport it to its destination as quickly as possible.

Our On Board Couriers come to you to pick up your urgent shipment and accompany it as a passenger on board the next available flight to many destinations in Asia, including Shanghai (PVG), Hongkong (HKG), Manila (MNL), Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Singapore (SIN).

Flight Delay in China

The huge metropolitan city of Shanghai is a major hub in China and nearby Pudong Airport (PVG) sees countless passengers arriving and departing 365 days of the year. With a non-stop flight, travelers are to be transported directly from Shanghai (PVG) to New York (EWR). However, the aeronautics engineers in charge have discovered a problem with the APU, an auxiliary engine responsible for onboard electronics, among other things. To switch out the corresponding FADEC, the right spare part has to be shipped from the U.S. to Shanghai as quickly as possible. The airline uses the airmates platform to put together an emergency courier offer for hand-carry transport. Within just a minute, they receive a customized transport solution with binding prices. Just an hour after booking, the chosen courier has already picked up the spare part from the manufacturer and is making his way to the airport. He takes the next flight to bring the extremely urgent shipment to China, immediately delivering it to the customer upon arriving at Pudong Airport (PVG). The airline is relieved. Thanks to this quick delivery, delays have been averted and the costs associated with such a delay are kept in check.

Reach Many Destinations in Asia with OBC

Our more than 10,000 airmates couriers undergo a rigorous selection process and extensive training – allowing us to guarantee the highest level of reliability and security for your extremely urgent transport. Our far-reaching cooperations facilitate the fastest possible check-in and transit times, and our On Board Courier Service covers more than 50 countries across 6 continents. We can reach numerous destinations in Asia in just a short amount of time:
  • On Board Courier USA to Vietnam from 22 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to India from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier China to Spain from 19 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to South Korea from 15 hours
  • On Board Courier UK to Japan from 15 hours
  • On Board Courier Germany to Thailand from 17 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Taiwan from 16 hours
  • On Board Courier Malaysia to Germany from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Indonesia from 25 hours
  • On Board Courier Philippines to Germany from 21 hours
...and many more. In addition to carefully choosing the right urgent courier, we also take care of all the other organizational steps like entry approvals and customs. Discover our efficient and reliable courier service from time:matters airmates for yourself.