Transport Extremely Urgent Shipments to Africa with OBC

Transport Extremely Urgent Shipments to Africa with OBC
Personally escorted urgent transports – that is the primary focus of time:matters airmates. Our meticulously trained On Board Couriers come to you to pick up your urgent shipment and accompany it as a passenger on board the next available flight to many destinations in Africa, including Cape Town (CPT), Cairo (CAI), Johannesburg (JNB), Lagos (LOS), Durban (DUR), Algiers (ALG), Casablanca (CMN) and many more.

With the OBC service from time:matters airmates, we transport your urgent shipments by courier to many destinations in Africa in just a few hours. The fastest possible deliveries, a global network and reliable urgent couriers: see for yourself!

Confidential Documents to Cairo

Because of its convenient location, Cairo became an important hub for trade from an early stage, with many international automotive companies today manufacturing their goods in the metropolitan area of the Egyptian capital. One of the vehicle manufacturers wants to start producing a new model in Cairo and has been working hard on preparations for weeks. Shortly before production is set to start he receives the shock of his life: Some documents with the vehicle specifications (still confidential!) for the new series are not there, threatening to push back the start of production. To prevent incurring high costs due to a delay, the missing documents need to be delivered as quickly as possible. Because this important internal information must not fall into the wrong hands, sending the documents digitally is not secure enough for the company. The manager in charge refers to the time:matters airmates OBC platform and quickly and easily books the documents to be shipped by an On Board Courier.

In less than a minute he receives a tailored offer, which he can then book directly. One of our carefully trained couriers immediately gets going to pick up the documents from the customer on site. He takes the next available flight to Cairo with the urgent shipment, never letting it out of his sight throughout the entire trip. After just 14 hours, the airmates courier lands at Cairo International Airport (CAI) and transports the confidential documents to his client, taking the quickest route so production can start on time.

Reach Numerous Destinations in Africa with airmates

With our global network, we are able to cover more than 50 countries across 6 continents with our On Board Courier service. Because our more than 10,000 carefully selected couriers hold all the necessary entry permits and language skills, we guarantee the smoothest and fastest possible urgent transport. As a subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo and thanks to our numerous partnerships with many other airlines, we are able to reach many locations in Africa in just a short amount of time:
  • On Board Courier USA to Egypt from 14 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Tunisia from 16 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Algeria from 13 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to the Ivory Coast from 13 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Nigeria from 14 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Kenya from 23 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to South Africa from 18 hours
  • On Board Courier USA to Tanzania from 21 hours
...and many more. Simply send us your request and we’ll create a customized offer for you within a minute, which you can then book directly.