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International Document Shipping with Air Courier from airmates

International Document Shipping with Air Courier from airmates
Imagine the following scenario: You have successfully entered into a crucial cooperation with an international business partner. However, you have to send the original version of the confidential contract securely and as quickly as possible, otherwise the deal could fall through. Express delivery of important documents through regular mail is not secure enough for you – the confidential information contained in the contract must not fall into the wrong hands.

Send your important documents securely with our personally accompanied Air Courier service. We provide you with a suitable offer for your urgent document delivery within a minute, which you can then book directly online.

International Document Delivery

With airmates On Board Courier service, you’ll receive a customized quote in just a few clicks. Within just a minute, we provide you with both the quickest and most affordable Air Courier transport solution to securely send your important international document shipping to your desired location. Online booking saves valuable time and our On Board Courier heads right out to pick up the documents. Shortly after, our air courier boards the next plane to deliver the confidential documents to your business partner in a very short time. Your cooperation with your new business partner is saved, even on a tight turnaround!

Time is money - International Document Shipping with Air Courier

When time is limited, every minute is precious. As special speed logistics experts, we offer the opportunity to mail international shipping documents using a document courier.

Speed - Air Courier on airmates
In less than a minute, you receive a quote that can be booked online to make your international dokument shipping happen. We find the right international document air couriers and suitable flight connections in real time.
Reliability - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
Our reliable On Board Couriers are vetted through a multi-stage selection process and receive in-depth training from time:matters. They also hold the necessary entry documents, sound language skills and extensive travel experience.
Price - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
We scan hundreds of flight connections in seconds to find the most favorable price for your international urgent document shipping.
Transparency - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
Proactive monitoring and GPS tracking during the entire transportation process means you can always keep an eye on your confidential documents.
Network - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
More than 10,000 urgent document air couriers in more than 50 countries across 6 continents are ready to be dispatched to hand-deliver your document by international document shipping service to your desired destination.
Availability - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
Our online platform and the 24/7 availability of our experienced logistics experts guarantee a smooth transport process. We take care of the entire transport process – from selecting the right courier to getting your shipment through any customs requirements.
Flexibility - International Document Shiping with Air Courer
If your shipment exceeds the hand luggage allowances, we can check it as top priority baggage.

Foregoing a complicated booking process with long lines means you can order your urgent document delivery directly online. Once your booking is made, we take care of all the travel details, including entry requirements, and ensure the international document delivery runs smoothly.

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