Fashion Shipment – New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan

Fashion Shipment – New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan
Valuable fabrics and extravagant designs – at first glance, haute couture and logistics don’t seem to have a lot in common. But what happens if on the day of the fashion show the most important piece is suddenly missing? An On Board Courier from time:matters airmates is your specialist for textile logistics!

A dream comes true: An up-and-coming designer finally has the chance to show their pieces to the entire world. He is supposed to present his prêt à porter line on the catwalk at his fashion week debut and hopefully become a huge success. During his final preparations, he receives the shock of his life: The fanciest, most luxurious piece is planned for the final catwalk model that closes the show – but where is the dress? Fashion Week starts in just a few hours and the centerpiece of the fashion show is not there.

On Board Courier service for Fashion Week

The designer has to act quickly to save his pret a porter show. He uses the airmates platform to request a Flight Courier offer with just a few clicks, saving valuable time thanks to the uncomplicated online booking process. One of our international On Board Couriers picks up the dress directly from the Berlin atelier and then personally escorts it from Berlin (TXL) to Paris (CDG) on board a plane. The designer’s fashion show debut is saved!

Clothes Express Shipping

The highest priority for fashion shipment from airmates is that your urgent delivery goes smoothly. The delivery time from Berlin (TXL) to Paris (CDG) is 4 hours. How can we meet this time frame with such well-priced fashion logistic?

In less than a minute, you receive a Flight Courier quote that can be booked online to ship your urgent fashion shipment. We find the right couriers and suitable flight connections in real time.
Our reliable On Board Couriers are vetted through a multi-stage selection process and a background check and receive in-depth training from time:matters. They also hold the necessary entry documents, sound language skills and extensive travel experience.
We scan hundreds of flight connections in seconds to find the most favorable price for your express haute couture shipment.
Proactive monitoring and GPS tracking during the entire transportation process means you can always keep on top of your high security transport.
Our more than 10,000 express couriers in more than 50 countries across 6 continents are ready to be dispatched to hand-deliver your shipment. They pick up the urgent cargo from you and personally deliver it to the desired destination on the next possible flight.
Our online platform and the 24/7 availability of our experienced logistics experts guarantee a smooth transport process. We take care of the entire transport process – from selecting the right courier to getting your shipment through customs.
If your urgent shipment exceeds the hand luggage allowances, we can check it as top priority baggage.

With airmates, we not only make it possible to ship urgently needed items of clothing like catwalk outfits, haute couture or evening dresses. Our emergency couriers are also specially trained to securely transport confidential documents, emergency medical shipments and spare parts for machinery. Click here to have a look at our fast and unique On Board Courier service:

On Board Courier

On Board Courier

Do you need someone to personally keep an eye on your extremely urgent shipment? In less than a minute you’ll receive a quote from us for your On Board Courier.
Global Document Shipping

Global Document Shipping

Your important documents are in safe hands with personal delivery by our On Board Couriers. Get a quote for your extremely urgent transport in less than a minute!
Direct Delivery: Door-to-door

Direct Delivery: Door-to-door

When direct delivery is the fastest solution: our courier picks up your shipment and personally delivers it to your desired destination.