Aircraft on Ground – Emergency Aviation Logistic

Aircraft on Ground – Emergency Aviation Logistic
Any passenger’s nightmare: After a relaxing holiday, all you want as a traveler is to board the aircraft, get comfortable in your seats and arrive home safely. But what if the plane is not able to take off?

This kind of scenario can easily become a reality. The term “aircraft on ground” refers to a machine that is not flightworthy for technical reasons. If an aircraft has to remain grounded because of missing aircraft spare parts and is therefore unable to make its departure time, this often results in delays to flight schedules and long waiting times for passengers. In addition to dissatisfied passengers, airlines record enormous monetary losses in the event of an AOG: If the aircraft spare parts needed for the repair are not delivered immediately, the airline incurs huge costs for accommodating and transporting passengers to nearby locations.

AOG Emergency Assistance

The event of an AOG calls for a fast and immediate reaction to keep inconvenience to customers and high revenue shortfalls to a minimum. Using our worldwide On Board Courier service, urgently needed airplane parts can be transported quickly to the location of the damaged aircraft.

airmates On Board Courier service

Whether Chicago (ORD), Toulouse (TLS) or Manila (MNL): thanks to our thanks to our global courier network, you’ll receive an offer with the quickest response times at the best prices – anywhere, anytime:

In less than a minute, you receive an offer that can be booked online to ship the missing airplane parts. We find the right courier and suitable flight connections for you in real time.
Our reliable On Board Couriers are vetted through a multi-stage selection process and a background check and receive in-depth training from time:matters. They also hold the necessary entry documents, sound language skills and extensive travel experience.
We scan hundreds of flight connections in seconds to find the most favorable price for your AOG emergency assistance.
Proactive monitoring and GPS tracking during the entire transportation process means you can always keep on top of your high security transport.
Our more than 10,000 express couriers in more than 50 countries across 6 continents are ready to be dispatched to hand-deliver your shipment. They pick up the urgent cargo from you and personally deliver it to the desired destination on the next possible flight.
Our online platform and the 24/7 availability of our experienced logistics experts guarantee a smooth transport process. We take care of the entire transport process – from selecting the right courier to getting your shipment through customs.
If your urgent shipment exceeds the hand luggage allowances, we can check it as top priority baggage.

To prevent obstacles or delays anywhere possible, we avoid unloading the required airplane parts during the delivery process. From prompt pick-up and accompanied transport to the fastest possible delivery of your shipment at its destination, we are prepared for any eventuality and make sure to meet all your requirements.

Global Emergency Logistics

Global Emergency Logistics

When every second counts: Our online platform is always available. You’ll get a quote for your extremely urgent transport in less than a minute.
OBC Spare Parts Logistics

OBC Spare Parts Logistics

Take advantage of flexible, reliable transport of spare parts with our On Board Couriers – book in less than a minute!
Spare Parts Logistics

Spare Parts Logistics

Reliable and always just in time: efficient spare parts logistics thanks to our reliable in-night network.