Emergency Logistics from airmates – When Every Second Counts

Emergency Logistics from airmates – When Every Second Counts
The time:matters airmates worldwide On Board Courier is your specialist for worldwide same day logistics and emergency logistics.

  • Is a supply shortage causing production downtime with a production line stoppage?
  • Do you need a confidential document delivered to your contractual partner in person?
  • Is a crucial spare part needed to repair a damaged aircraft on ground?
Our On Board Couriers allow us to fulfill the need of extremely urgent transport of nearly any kind of shipment very quickly. Our urgent couriers accompany the extremely urgent shipment as a passenger on board of a flight, never letting your item out of their sight.

Express Logistics: Same Day Logistics

Our urgent couriers are highly reliable and flexible when it comes to speed logistics. In addition to stringent security and aptitude checks, we ensure that our couriers have the relevant language skills as well as visas and entry documents. This means that not a single second goes to waste on organizational hurdles and we can find instant solutions for your time critical freight.
  • Spare parts delivery in the event of production downtime on an important piece of machinery
  • Preventing production loss due to production line stoppage
  • Time critical freight transport of medical samples
  • The fastest possible delivery of an AOG spare part
  • Extremely urgent transport of urgent documents or haute couture

Good Things Take Time: Not at airmates

Use our technically advanced OBC platform to book an On Board Courier at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Digitizing complex offer, booking and tracking processes allows us to save valuable time and money. And our team of experienced express logistics experts are available to answer your questions 24/7.

How Does Emergency Logistics Work?

24/7, 365 days of the year – how can airmates keep its promise of high quality with express logistics?
  • Offer: Send us the key details for your extremely urgent shipment with just a few clicks and we’ll create a customized offer for you within a minute, which you can then book directly. Booking online saves valuable time. Finally, long wait times on the phone or by email are a thing of the past.
  • Preparation: We compare hundreds of flight connections in real time to be able to offer you the fastest response times and the best price for your extremely urgent transport. In addition to choosing the right urgent courier, we also take care of all the travel details, including entry requirements and customs. Stationed on 6 continents in more than 50 countries, there is hardly anywhere our global network doesn’t cover.
  • Express logistics:After making your booking, one of our 10,000 highly trained urgent couriers picks up your extremely urgent shipment where possible on the same day and personally transports it to your desired destination. They never let your time critical freight out of their sight and, thanks to proactive monitoring and GPS tracking, you always know exactly where it is.
  • Delivery: Once at the destination, our urgent couriers personally hand the extremely urgent shipment over to the person you have designated and have them sign for receipt.
Interested? Give our emergency logistics service a try for yourself!
AOG – Aircraft On Ground

AOG – Aircraft On Ground

Broken plane? With express spare parts delivery with an On Board Courier, you will receive AOG emergency assistance. It’s quick and you can book online.
OBC Spare Parts Logistics

OBC Spare Parts Logistics

Take advantage of flexible, reliable transport of spare parts with our On Board Couriers – book in less than a minute!
Spare Parts Logistics

Spare Parts Logistics

Reliable and always just in time: efficient spare parts logistics thanks to our reliable in-night network.