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Do you want to be an On Board Courier?

Do you want to be an On Board Courier
Do you love travelling the world, meeting new people, and seeing exotic landscapes and exciting new cities? So how does being paid to do just that sound to you? Join the fascinating world of On Board Couriers, or OBCs for short, and the cutting edge of emergency logistics. You may be in charge of sensitive documents, rare spare parts or medical devices that have to be delivered in person to a recipient anywhere in the world in the fastest way and with 100% reliability. Through your personal commitment to fulfil your assignment, you may be responsible for getting a grounded aircraft back in the skies again with the spare part you bring or even making a fashion show a success with the dress you personally deliver backstage.
Your destination may be anywhere in the world, Cape Town or Cape Cod, Brussels or Brazil, Hong Kong or Hanover. This is where your sense of adventure comes in: an On Board Courier assignment is always urgent and may come your way at any time.
Naturally, you will be informed about the content of the shipment and receive the relevant transport and customs documents – to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a smooth and easy transport. All of your flights are usually already booked – you just have to pick up the shipment and keep your watchful eyes on it.

How can you become an On Board Courier?

Most people can easily meet some of the requirements to join our team of flight couriers, but others may be a bit challenging. Due to the emergency nature of any assignment, you will need to have a very flexible lifestyle. You must be able to grab your bag and passport in an instance and get to the airport at any time of the day or week. Due to the sensitive and expensive nature of our shipments, an OBC must have an unblemished criminal record and be absolutely trustworthy and reliable. Other self-explanatory requirements include:
  • Being of legal age
  • A valid passport
  • A smartphone with international roaming
  • International health insurance
  • A valid credit card
  • Fluency in English and as many other languages as possible
If you can check all those boxes, you are already on your way to becoming an On Board Courier. Some other qualifications will certainly help on top of this, including experience of long-distance travel and customs procedures, and frequent flyer memberships for priority boarding.

Tasks and advantages as an On Board Courier (OBC)

Would you like to know how an OBC transport works?
Would you like to know how an OBC transport works? Look here how an OBC transport works.
Working as an On Board Courier has many benefits!
Working as an On Board Courier has many benefits! Find out here about the benefits working as an Onboard Courier.

On Board Couriers (OBC) – what do they really do and how does it work?

Your phone lights up: you have an OBC assignment. The proposal: bring a hard drive full of highly sensitive data to the recipient, an insurance company. The route: New York, USA to Sydney, Australia. Our OBC platform has contacted you because your fluent English and valid Australian visa make you perfect for the job. Starting out from your hometown of New York, you have to pick up the parcel in the office in SoHo and drive to JFK Airport to board the next plane to Sydney via Los Angeles. You already have your things organized, so two hours later you are at the airport in New York with the parcel and can proceed to the gate for your first flight.

At take-off, you report back that everything is running smoothly. Now you can enjoy the flight. You are expected to deliver your shipment the next morning, which you do on time and to the great relief of the data manager. Your flight back to New York is not until tomorrow evening, so you can explore beautiful Sydney and try some Australian seafood while enjoying the view of the Opera House. You will be back in New York very soon, waiting for your phone to light up again and send you to the four corners of the world.
On Board Couriers (OBC) – what do they really do and how does it work?

How do I prepare for an OBC mission?

An experienced flight courier is prepared for emergencies, as all assignments are urgent. Here are some of the preparations that will help you to become a highly efficient OBC:
  • A pre-packed overnight bag, as small as possible, containing the basics you need for one or two overnight stays.
  • A phone charger and back-up power bank, so you can constantly give updates on your progress or report complications.
  • A pair of comfortable shoes, because you may be walking or running a lot through airports.

Where can you travel as a flight courier?

You may visit numerous interesting destinations all over the world as an On Board Courier. Our airmates are spread over six continents and travel to different countries and regions. For example:
On Board Couriers in Europe
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
On Board Couriers in North and South America
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Columbia
  • Argentina
And many more… Become part of the airmates community and register now!
“It is always fun to accompany goods of all kinds, while flying around the world. To be an airmate fits to my personal passion to travel, meet worldwide friends, to be flexible and independent. Working with an internationally oriented team makes this easier and more joyable.”
Wolfgang P. (35 Missions)
“The mission is not finished with the delivery of the goods. Only then does the actual mission start and the personal development begins in a foreign country. We gain culture understanding and become more cosmopolitan. This added value is priceless…”
Junaid M. (54 Missions)
“I love travelling and flying and seeing different cultures as well as meeting people. Even though there is a high responsibility connected to delivering time-critical items. But being under pressure and solving small problems on the way keeps me excited and dedicated about this job.”
Henricus v. B. (28 Missions)