Sustainable logistics – even in an emergency

Sustainable logistics – even in an emergency
Global climate protection is one of the most relevant issues of our time and we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. We have also been observing a growing need for green logistics and eco-friendly transportation solutions, which is why we have reacted accordingly: since December 2019, we have been offering you personally accompanied and, at the same time, sustainable transport of your urgent shipments. We fully offset the resulting carbon emissions, making us the first carbon-neutral On Board Courier service worldwide.

Personally accompanied and CO₂-neutral transports

In order to offer you a sustainable transport solution, we cooperate with myclimate, a renowned climate protection organization and one of the quality leaders in global offsetting. All projects meet the strictest quality standards, such as the Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard and Plan Vivo. For environmentally friendly shipping, our offsetting activities not only take into account the flight, but also the delivery and collection of the shipment by vehicle. This enables us to consistently implement environmental logistics practices and guarantee you that your emergency shipment is being transported in a CO₂-neutral manner.

Sustainable transports thanks to efficient cook stoves

Of the many great myclimate sustainability projects, we support the Efficient Cook Stoves initiative in Rwanda. On the edge of the Volcanoes National Park in northwest Rwanda, famous as the last habitat of the mountain gorilla, the aim is to reduce the consumption of firewood by the population. Numerous positive effects are being achieved through an efficient stove model that is developed and produced locally and uses more than two thirds less firewood than conventional open three-stone fireplaces:
  • 35,000 tons of CO₂ are saved annually by the project.
  • The unique habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla is being protected from deforestation.
  • Women and girls, who are usually responsible for procuring firewood, gain one hour a day, which can be invested in education or other activities.
  • More than 25,000 people benefit from better health and a higher quality of life, as less smoke is produced than with open fires.
  • Thanks to the new stove, every household saves an average of €170 per year on firewood.
  • The cooperation with local companies creates local added value and additional jobs.
Our offset payments are being used for the local production and subsidized sale of the stoves. Through our commitment, we want to be a good example of a sustainable company to others, as we hope that further suppliers will soon establish sustainable logistics management and eco-logistics solutions as well.