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airmates On Board Couriers

Your urgent shipment has to be transported as quickly as possible and 100% reliably to its destination? Whether transporting urgent spare parts, sensitive samples or confidential documents, our On Board Couriers accompany your important goods and bring them on board the next available aircraft to their destination as carry-on luggage.
Here on our unique platform, you receive in a few clicks an individual quote for a personally accompanied transport, which you can book directly.

Advantages of our OBC (On Board Courier) platform

Fastest quote
Best quote in less than a minute for your hand carry transport on the next available flight.
Best Price
Hundreds of flight connections scanned in seconds to get the most favorable price.
Global Network
More than 12,000 flight couriers located on 6 continents in more than 50 countries.
We take responsibility for climate protection and compensate the CO2 emissions of all airmates transports.
Experienced and trustworthy air couriers, verified and trained by time:matters.
Proactive monitoring and GPS tracking during the entire air courier transportation process.

How does a personally accompanied transport work?

Logistical emergency? airmates flight couriers!

Your logistical emergency
Do you have an urgent shipment that needs to be transported as quickly as possible and 100% reliably?
Solution: airmates On Board Couriers
In less than 1 minute our platform creates a quote that can be booked directly - and saves valuable time.
On Board Courier transport
Our airmates Onboard Courier personally accompanies your important shipment on the next available flight to its destination.
Comprehensive service
Our logistics experts support you 24/7 and take care of all steps of the transport from the selection of the appropriate courier to customs clearance.
Successful delivery
Whether urgent spare parts, sensitive samples or confidential documents: Our courier delivers your urgent shipment safely and quickly to the agreed destination.

Advantages of our On Board Courier transports

If the maximum dimensions for hand carry are exceeded, the transported goods can also be loaded as passenger baggage with the highest priority.
24/7 availability of our experienced logistics experts for an optimal coordination of your urgent transport.
We use machine learning to continually improve our OBC platform.

Our flight couriers for your logistical emergency


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  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Life Health
  • MedTech
  • Machinery Components
  • High-Tech
  • Fairs, Exhibitions, Events

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